Our troops ventured to Ukraine’s Zbruch in 2005. In 2012, the riders appeared in Georgia, in the Caucasus mountains. Two years later, we raided the sands of Sahara and the Atlantic coast in Morocco. Now we’re sending incursions to Romania and Kyrgyzstan. And it’s not the end of our rouge expeditions!

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The world on horseback

We travel through the land on our mounts through towns, villages, fields, wilderness, over mountains, rivers, forests and sands, along the shores of lakes and oceans. On a good horse, we can reach any wild place.

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Wildlife and animals

We care about the nature and animals, both wild and domesticated. We believe that, like a good rider should always respect the horse, a real traveller ought to respect the surrounding world.

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We care about the people

We care about our companions as much as we do about our local partners in the destination countries. We play it fair and support the just and balanced development. We respect other cultures.


We share our passion for horseback riding and travelling

Our story

We started our first treks in Poland, in 2005, as 'Lisowczycy' - named after a 17th-century irregular Polish cavalry unity. A bit later we expanded to Ukraine where we founded a stable in Ternopil region, which grew to be our major base of operations.

Today we ride across a number of countries, visit new ones and add new locations for our riders every year. Our ultimate goal is really simple: we want to travel the World on horseback. Everyone with the same passion is welcome - ride with us!

Riders unite!

We opened Dirty Hooves upon multiple requests from our riders scattered around the World. We're well aware of the fact that the Polish language is tricky, so we made it easier for all of you and launched a sister brand in English. That should make things much easier.

We're used to setting up English-speaking groups of riders coming from various countries. Our local partners often speak very basic English or don't speak it at all (although there are exceptions to this rule) so we usually provide a pilot who speaks both English and a local language.

The recruitment is on!

Alone or with friends – join the Dirty Hooves!

The Lone Riders

You want to embark on a trek but lack any companions? You can join our ranks! Pick the date and the destination from our ride calendar, fill the form and we will book a spot, and reach out to you shortly. In case of any questions – let us know. We reply to all messages!

Treks for groups

Are you a group of riders, willing to take the challenge together? Just let us know where and when you wish to go. We can book a place in our riding calendar for you. We could also plan a separate, dedicated trek if your group is big enough to form a party.

For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins.

The Dirty Hooves are always ready

Our incursions aim for the lands far and near. Each trek is an adventure, resulting in unpredictable situations. That’s why we take care of any matters, your safety above all.

Our Team

Dirty Hooves are led by Agnieszka and Pawel