There are many ways to travel, see and experience. We ride.
Countless horse riders dream of exploring the World in the saddle. Some answer the call and join our adventures. Every tour, trail and expedition is a different journey, a different story. A story to ride.

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Horses and animals

We belive that riding horses is much more than just technique and skills. Whether it's one of the easier rides or a challenging expeditions, it always takes a horse and a rider. It takes respect and care to be a true rider. W care for horses and all animals, big and small, wild and domesticated.

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People and cultures

We care for our riders as much as we do for our local partners. With years go by we've made close friends with many of our customers, partners, local hosts and multiple people along the way. We respect and amaze at their heritages, cultures, beliefs, their habits and way of life.

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Places and nature

Our rides will take you to many interesting, amazing and beautiful places. Some a bit more busy and populated, some secluded and wild. While we ride we become part of those places and surrounding environment and deeply care for them. Take only photos, leave only hoof prints.


We share our passion for adventures in the saddle

Our story

The idea, started as 'Lisowczycy' - named after a 17th-century irregular Polish cavalry unity, first came to life in 2005, in Poland. A couple of years later the first expedition set off to Ukraine, then to Georgia and Morocco. In 2017 Agnieszka and Pawel took over, turned the idea into a registered company and took it to a different level. 3 years later Lisowczycy became the biggest and most professional horse riding tour organizer in Poland.

Today we ride in multiple countries on different continent, all year long, and add new trails and expeditions for our riders every year. Our ultimate goal is really simple: we want to travel the World on horseback. Everyone sharing our passion for horses and adventures is welcome - ride with us!

Riders unite!

What started as a small idea in Poland grew to be a international riding experience. We opened Dirty Hooves upon multiple requests from our English-speaking riders scattered around the World. We're well aware of the fact that the Polish language is... well, a superpower 🙂 We made it easier for all of you and launched a sister brand in English offering the same trails, expeditions and experience worldwide, but in English.

We work with our partners in several languages, although usually in English. In countries where local guides and hosts speak very basic English or don't speak it at all we provide a bilingual/multilingual pilot who speaks both English and the local language (and often other languages, too).

Join our riders - it's quite simple!

Alone or with friends – join the Dirty Hooves!

Lone Riders

You want to embark on a horse adventure but lack companions? No worries! There are many others like you. You'll make friends on our tour, both human and horse ones. Pick a ride and a date, fill in the form to make an inital booking and we will reach out to you shortly. In case of any questions – let us know. We reply to all messages!

Big groups

Are you a group of riding friends willing to face the adventure together? Just let us know where and when you'd like to go. In many cases, depending on availability in a particular country, we are able to set up a date in our riding calendar for you and create a custom riding plan and programme for a bigger group.

For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins.

Ready, prepared and willing

Our adventures run through lands far and near. Each tour is a unique adventure, so… what could go wrong? We do our best it goes smoothly, but we’re riding horses, often in wild, secluded places. That’s why we take care of multiple things that make a tour well organized and as safe as possible.

Our Team

Dirty Hooves are led by Agnieszka, Pawel, Gosia and Irakli