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Wojtek Jurek
Wojtek Jurek It was well worth it! May 2017 r., we just came back from Morocco. It was my 8th trek with you. Awesome team!
Joanna Rosenberger
Joanna Rosenberger I've been to various treks, but the one in Ukraine was fantastic and unique. I didn't have to worry about anything. Wonderful atmosphere, nice Ukrainian team and organizers. Calm yet vigorous horses, well groomed - I'm sure many horses would love to join the Ukrainian stable. The village atmosphere - unforgettable, just as the local roads. Sunflower fields to the horizon. I will be back for another adventure with you!
Pawel Gajewski
Pawel Gajewski I've spent nearly two weeks in the amazing, western Ukraine. I was astonished by beautiful nature, openness and friendliness of the local people. And, above all, nice and easy-going horses that were patient with even not-so-experienced riders, such as myself 🙂 I'm sure I'll be back to Ukraine with you.
Cezary Pawlicki
Cezary Pawlicki We're back from Morocco. It was amazing! The trek along the Atlantic Coast was unforgettable 🙂

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